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July 27, 2016

The Similarities and Differences Between Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

It is common nowadays for doctors of different specializations to treat the same conditions. This is true in the practice of plastic surgery and dermatology that both correct skin conditions. Yet, while it seems like both practices can be called for the same concerns, the two fields are actually different in what they are trying to do. To differentiate, plastic surgery is performed for reconstructive or aesthetic reasons while dermatology zeroes in on the wellness and conditions of the skin and connected tissues.

Practitioners in plastic surgery have an additional six years of surgical residencies after getting their medical degrees. The initial stages are spent doing generic surgical rotations for mastery of a wide range of methods and skills prior to specifically zeroing in on plastic surgery. After that, some plastic surgeons continue on to sub-specialize in hand surgery or craniofacial surgery under a year-long fellowship before starting their practice. They can look ahead to doing a broad range of cosmetic procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation which are well-paid in some markets. Plastic surgeons are also called for victims of fires, accidents or birth defects to restore their normal mien through a series of reconstructive operations.

In contrast, dermatologists have four years of residency that includes a transitional year of internship before practicing on their own. They can act on a variety of ailments and medical conditions ranging from simple matters like recurrent acne to serious illnesses such as sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune disorders and cancers. Their primary objective is to address skin disorders and maintain normal skin but they can also help with conditions of the hair, nails and mucous membranes. Some even specialize in Mohs surgery which entails peeling away skin layer one at a time to get rid of skin cancer.
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There is similarity in the treatment of many cases by both plastic surgeon and dermatologist. As an example, both practitioners can pull off liposuction and carry out a list of cosmetic repairs on skin blemished by age, disease, or exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. One difference can be the plastic surgeon’s expertise in performing significant reconstructive operations on the face or appendages. While dermatologists also undertake surgical procedures a number of times, most of their patients get well through medicines, topical medications and other nonsurgical means.
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As cosmetic surgery becomes a norm, both plastic surgery and dermatology are rising in popularity. Cosmetic procedures have improved a lot through the years that is why plastic surgeons and dermatologists are more at ease including them as a normal part of their wards’ health care and beauty program. With fewer negative side effects and less down time, patients can appear better and younger.

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July 27, 2016

Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Knee to Safeguard It From Soreness and Pain

Exercising your knee is vital since you will experience less injuries and soreness. If you are not able to exercise well; your support muscles will have the opportunity to absorb shocks hence it will reach your knee. Therefore, the excess pressure on your knee will damage it. Working out will strengthen your muscles and make it tighter. In addition to strengthening; ensure that you include stretching workout routines. While exercising; ensure that you make your knee muscles more flexible. If you feel that your knee is tight, it could go out of alignment.

When you are exercising your knee, ensure that you are keen on the rules and avoid doing the routines fast or overstretching. If you exercise at a fast speed, you might hurt your knee. In addition, you should add the session period gradually so as to avoid any problems. Make sure that you are patient since you will see results as long as you continue exercising.

Enhance your muscles power slowly because if you put them under a lot of pressure, you might damage them. Nonetheless, these tears are normal, and as they rebuild, your muscles will become stronger and larger in size. The small tears ought to be allocated sufficient time to heal or you could experience serious complications.

In addition, it is recommended that you do not exercise using the same routine for more than two days in order to allow your body to relax. It is suggested that the most effective number of times to exercise is four. However, it is allowed for you to perform stretches for more than four times weekly.

The aim of you participating in these exercises is to protect your knee from any harm. Ensure that you do not ignore pain or soreness. When you feel pain, it is a way of your body protecting you from harming yourself further. When you experience a small level of pain, you should not be worried as it is normal.
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On the other hand, if the pain is too much then you should consult your doctor. Sometimes, it is difficult to know when you ought to stop. Further, if the soreness does not disappear after a while then you should rest for some few days. In addition, the pain helps you to determine when you should stop exercising.
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Also, remember to rest your body, especially if you have overdone the exercises. The best way to treat the pain is to apply ice packs that will reduce the swelling. Ensure that all your pain is gone before you resume exercising.